Knowing the funnier side of your personality, I wondered how you'd fare in appealing to the spirits; but you began the journey last night by explaining how you came to incorporate these gifts and share some experiences with others very well.

Though all attending were always completely safe, there were a few people who, despite having welcomed the spirits and sought to hear their stories, were genuinely frightened when some of those spirits chose to gently let their presence be known. You managed to allay their fears well without hindering the spiritual energy in the room or closing any gate that had been opened.

I'm glad we were able to provide a welcoming energy for the spirits to be able to reach across decades and dimensions and join us for those brief moments they were able to break through.

I look forward to experiencing the Waverly Seance again. Thanks for bringing that experience to Wizardz, John. It was a most enjoyable evening."

Wizardz Magic Theatre

Jason Noel

Paranormal Investigator

Wizardz is a cozy little venue at the Seralago Hotel and Resort on 192 in Kissimmee.  It sits is a small building near the pool and has a performance area about 15 feet by 30 feet and a small lobby.  Professional magician Erik Olsen and his wife, Kim, run shows on Monday nights and typically feature nationally known name magic talent.

The show that I saw was a Séance and Spirit Anthology with manifestations.  John Ferrentino based the evening’s haunted events on stories about patients and nurses who had worked at the now abandoned Louisville Waverly Hills Tuberculous Sanitarium

The Wizardz Room was set up with dim lights mostly provided by large pillar candles (LEDs)

On stage left was a small table stand with a doily and semi-burnt toy doll and a small wooden chest and a bell hanging by a chain.  There was a larger table in the center which John used and contained the majority of his artifacts that the spirits would use.  There was a bar chair on stage right.   In the center of the table was a collection of large photographs of the Waverly on the inside and outside and some of the nurses, patients and gruesome surgical procedures.

Soft eerie low toned music played during the entire performance, creating an ideal mood.

The running time was slightly less than 90 minutes.  The event was well received.

- Dennis Phillips

National Magic Magizine

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